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How do I delete my Cudo Compute billing account?

Your billing account can be manually deleted only if you do not have any pending invoices.

To delete your billing account:
- navigate to the billing account page
- if you have multiple accounts, click on the desired billing account
- on the specific billing account page, search for the Settings menu option to access the settings page
- click the red Delete billing account button, type in your billing account name and then Delete billing account

If you want to delete your billing account and still have outstanding invoices, please settle the invoices and allow about 30 minutes for the system to fully update and try again to delete the account.

If you are still unable to delete your billing account, please contact the support team via the chat bubble in the bottom corner of the page.
Please state your support issue in the first message you send in order to expedite the process.

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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